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Free sex elo At the beginning of the collection in the Codex Regius stands the Voluspo the most famous and important as it is likewise the most debated of all the Eddic poems. Another version of it is found in a huge miscellaneous compilation of about the year 1300 the Hauksbok and many stanzas are included in the Prose Edda of Snorri Sturluson. The order of the stanzas in the Hauksbok version differs materially from that in the Codex Regius and in the published editions many experiments have been attempted in further rearrangements. On the whole how ever and allowing for certain interpolations the order of the stanzas in the Codex Regius seems more logical than any of the wholesale improvements which have been undertaken.The general plan of the Voluspo is fairly clear. Othin chief of the gods always conscious of impending disaster and eager for knowledge calls on a certain Volva or wisewoman presumably bidding her rise from the grave. She first tells him of the past of the creation of the world the beginning of years the origin of the dwarfs at this point there is a clearly interpolated catalogue of dwarfs names stanzas 1016 of the first man and